Masu Mediterranean and African Society of Ultrasound
Masu Mediterranean and African Society of Ultrasound


Purpose and composition of the society


Article 1 

Scientific Association is created with the name: MASU 
It is an association regulated by the French law of the year 1901. 
Its duration is unlimited. 
270, Bld. Ste Marguerite 


Article 2 

Its purpose is to foster the development of medical ultrasound in Africa and in countries bordering the Mediterranean sea. This goal can be achieved through meetings, publications, exchanges, awards, fellowships, and every other suitable means. 


Article 3 

The Society is composed of members of different nationalities, none excluded. Members belong to different medical specialties and devote all or part of their work to the use of ultrasound in medical or biological fields. 


Article 4 

The Society consists of: 
- Founding Members 
- Adherent Members 
- Full Members 
- Honorary Members 
- Associate Members 
- Supporting Members 


Article 5 

Founding members are all subjects who were present at the constituent General Assembly. 


Article 6 

Adherent members are subjects such as medical or veterinary doctors, dentists, pharmacists, biologists, engineers or physicists from Mediterranean countries or Africa presented by two full members or two founding or honorary members.


They do not vote. 


Article 7 

Full members are individuals who were adherent members for at least two years (unless exceptions decided by the Council and approved by the General Assembly), whose candidacy was proposed by the Council and approved by the General Assembly. 


Article 8 

Associate members are subjects or organizations that do not fall in the above conditions. Their application is submitted to the Council. They do not vote. 


Article 9

Benefactors are subjects or organizations helping the Society with material aid. Their application is submitted to the Council. They do not vote. 


Articles 10 

Honorary members are individuals nominated by the Council and elected by the General Assembly. 

Honorary members are exempted from admission and membership fees. 


Article 11

Membership is lost by: 
- Resignation (any member who has not paid its fees for two consecutive years). 
However, some members may be exempted from contributions by the Concil upon justified request. 

- Cancellation made by the Council. The member is first asked to provide explanations and he may appeal to the General Assembly.



Article 12 

Paragraph 1 

The Society is administered by the Council consisting of: 
- 1 President 
- 2 Vice-Presidents 
- 1 Secretary General 
- 1 Treasurer 
- 1 Information Officer 
- 1 Secretary-General by nationality represented. 

The members of the Council are chosen among the founding members or full members. 


Paragraph 2 

The secretaries general are elected for 3 years. 
The other members of the Council are elected for 3 years and will be renewed by half every two years. 

Each member of the Council is re-elected only once. It may be re-elected later. 


Paragraph 3 

Among the members of the Council, the President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer constitute the Executive Bureau. 

The Executive Bureau, meeting upon request of one of its members, is responsible of applying the decisions of the Council and managing daily affairs. 


Article 13 

The Council is elected by the General Assembly. 


Article 14 

The Council meets at least once a year upon invitation of the President or upon request of one third of its members. If a member of the Council is unable to attend the meeting, he can be represented by a full member accepted by the Executive Bureau. 


Article 15 

The General Assembly is convened at least once a year by the Council. A General Assembly should be held during each Congress. 


Article 16 

An extraordinary General Assembly might be convened by the Council to the majority of its members or upon written request of one third of full members, founding members and honorary members. The agenda must be notified to members at least 21 days before the date for the extraordinary General Assembly. 


Article 17 

Any Statute change must be decided by a General Assembly called on this agenda. Members should receive the statute at least two weeks before the general meeting. Changes are effective after the statement of the prefecture where the Society was registered. 


Article 18 

The decisions of the General Assembly are taken by the absolute majority of voting members present or represented. 
Postal voting and proxy voting are allowed. The quorum is 50% of the voting members regularly registered. 


Article 19 

The head office of the Society may be moved by decision of the Council. Notification to the prefecture shall be made in the next three months following the actual change. 


Article 20 

The Society's resources consist of: 
- Membership fees. 
- Subsidies, if any. 
- Results of the company's activities. 
- Donations and bequests, gifts in kind. 


Article 21 

The Council decides the amount of annual admission and membership fees. The founding members are exempt from admission fee.



Article 22 

The dissolution of the Society may only be decided upon in a General Assembly of members specially convened for this purpose. Members should receive the agenda at least two weeks before the General Assembly. The General Assembly must designate one or several liquidators of the assets of the Society. The financial means of the Society shall be used in accordance with the current law. 


The dissolution shall be notified to the prefecture where the statute was registered.

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